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Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
Database Design, Implementation, and Admimistration
System Architecture, Design, and Implementation
Business Strategy Consultation


Berg Information Technology, Inc.
6300 Powers Ferry Road Suite 600 #281
Atlanta, Georgia 30339-2961
(404) 791-5750

For more information, send inquiries to information @ berginfotech.com. Please note that spaces have been added on both sides of the “@” symbol that must be removed when using the address.

Senders of unsolicited bulk e-mail (“spammers”) have recently sent e-mail messages (“spam”) with a berginfotech.com e-mail address as the sender of the messages. Berg Information Technology, Inc. is not the sender of any of such messages. The use of a berginfotech.com e-mail address in such messages is fraudulent. Information as to what you can do to help stop unsolicited bulk e-mail can be found at the following sites.

FTC Consumer Spam Information

Handling Unwanted E-Mail